MdS Tuning BMW E36

By | November 30, 2017

MdS Tuning
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20 thoughts on “MdS Tuning BMW E36

  1. Walter Waiit

    why did u put a spoiler on that beauty? I dont like it xD but at the end it is your decision 🙂

  2. Build Threads

    This video had a pretty tempting thumbnail and the car didn't leave me disappointed. What really bugged me, though was that the flickering effect wasn't limited to the 21:9 cinema widescreen, but also lit up the black bars at the bottom and the top of the video. Cool video nonetheless.

  3. Ständerwerks

    Wie nennt man diesen Aufsatz für den Heckspoiler? Der Wagen sieht richtig gut aus aber die Wackler stören mich

  4. Janis Strazdins

    too much flicking, i know that swiching angles and shit makes videos more exiting etc but this is too much, cant put my eye on the car even for a half second


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