E46 BMW- A Guide to Tuning and Modifying

By | November 30, 2017

E46 BMW- A Guide to Tuning and Modifying

An intro to tuning your e46 BMW. What you need to know, and what you need to avoid. These are the things I have learned (sometimes the hard way) that will get you on the right path to successful e46 ownership.

How to code your BMW to access all the hidden features.
How to hack your standard exhaust to make it sound epic.
How to cheaply improve the look of your BMW.
How to connect and integrate you phone.
How to install a clutch stop.
How to fit a M3 black grill.
How to access hidden features on any BMW.
How to assign custom steering wheel button settings.

Carly for BMW

Carly for BMW – Your BMW App

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40 thoughts on “E46 BMW- A Guide to Tuning and Modifying

  1. E46 Reviews with T.H.

    Thanks everyone for watching! A few things to clear up: Yes, I know the music is too loud. The video export compressed the sound in a weird way, and when I released this video, I didn't think I would be making a full channel! (Or I would have been more careful). On to the BMW… There are other maintenance things do to, that will greatly help you get the car up to tuning standards. You should look into re-doing your VANOS seals. This will re-gain lost low end torque. There are also a few bushings that are probably shot. Replace the rear trailing arm bushings, and replace the front control arm bushings at least. Replacing the small bushings in the shift linkage will sharpen the shifter feel up as well. On to performance… Once you get proper tires and brakes, consider looking into a real alignment. Front camber plates will help you get the front to grip, and the factory camber adjustment is minimal. Front camber plates will get you between -2 and -4 (ish) degrees of camber. There are lots of options to look up. Once you have those, have a proper alignment done. This will drastically chance the way the car handles if done properly. If you have any questions feel free to leave it here and I, or someone else will hopefully answer it for you. NO QUESTION IS STUPID. ASK AWAY.

  2. Tommy Gun

    You should point out these things as your talking about them,, if you don’t know where they are why are you making this video

  3. dizzy brown

    I have a 2003 330xi sedan with 119k miles, it needs a door lock cylinder, a driver side control arm (i will replace the passenger side as well) and it needs an oil change to my knowledge, but I’ll check the valve cover and oil filter housing gasket to see if they’re cracked and worn out

  4. jamie Finegan

    Great reasonable advice, your totally right on the money.
    its big deal just to have one of these cars at over 100k with no dash warning lights and everything mostly sorted.
    its a challenge but doable.

  5. Rizki Pratama

    i have been driving bmw for the last 26 years. now driving a e46 325i man gotta love the buttery smooth inline 6 in this car feeels so refined.

  6. slothmag

    Good video, another tip: If you want to combine proper maintenance with a potentially real power increase, replace or repair the VANOS unit and replace both cam sensors (intake and exhaust). On any E46 with a six and close to 100k this will be worn out. Doing this had an incredible effect on my 328Ci's power output. I did not do an actual power test but I would estimate at least 20% power increase at certain RPMs, close to factory level, judged from acceleration numbers. It also dramatically decreased fuel consumption (by 20%!). It also took care of some weird behaviours like stumbling at idle, power dip at 3000RPM etc. This will make the car much better and cheaper to run. Also vacuum leaks, like you touch on (DISA, intake rubber parts) is gold for performance.

  7. Bob Ann

    This is supposed to tell you how to tune and modify your E46. Not telling me you need to do maintanence and fucking change the oil in your car. No fucking shit Sherlock . Just tell us what dope modifications are available and work best for it. Obviously we want to modify the car. Not fucking change the oil . That's not why we're here. Jackass

  8. Sean Toth

    lsd? weld the diff instead. and cold air intakes do work. you don't get a big gain in hp, but it helps, and is healthy for the engine. your letting it get more air it CAN already get. factory filters restrict. now its getting more air in you headers, can get wider diameter exhaust so all that extra air can move. hell you can even go a little bigger with injectors too. and colder air is more dense. only if you have it done right. pipe going down towards front lower area of engine bay, away from fan areas where its blowing warm air around, usually filter located around fog light area where bumper grill let's air in. BUT, you don't want to go too low, especially if you don't have engine cover underneath. when its raining your engine will become a shop vac and suck water getting splashed around. you want to have it in that right spot so it can get the cool air coming in by bumpers grill by fog light. I believe it's the e46 csl it has another Hole by the fog light on the left side only specifically for the air to go in through a tube to the filter.


    1. Water pump
    2.engine oil
    3.trans/diff oil
    4.gaskets all of then
    5.transmissiom gasket the round rubbery thingys both of em
    6. All filters
    7.adjust chain tension in engine
    7.5 Change pulleys & thermostat
    8. NOW ENJOY YOUR CAR klick like

  10. Thomas Cole

    Dude… thanks for the vid but please speak up or KILL the cheesy music!! HAHA!

  11. TheBlackdragon936

    I'll save you 6:30 replace everything. The main thing are vanos, subframe and cooling. Not as crazy as he said but change the housing when it breaks to an aluminum one from the stock plastic. $500 on coilover? Maybe for a civic and if you are going to do that, stick with Hondas. I got my ST XTAs for $1,000 msrp is $1,500. BMW OEM is best for filters and intake. Your $20 drop in filter will ruin your engine over time faster. Don't be a loser or a ricer and change your oil every 5-7k depending on how spirited and how much you drive. Don't do the 15k BMW says.

  12. Wayne Milton

    Good video, and some good ideas, I did most when I bought mine but also did the Racemesh Lower Grille front and rear, changed the side indicators for black ones instead of the Crome, next I will be following you in the brake pad change to ceramic and painting the Calipers. Was going to change the brake lines but already saw your other video.

  13. Jose Fernandez

    I'm pretty sure those leaf grills were just taken off at some point, they should all have those

  14. NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    Sound is a no good , best noise , take of all the catts put in xpipe and be happy

  15. NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    Id get a 335i over a m3 every day ! Lower nose weight and turbos , you can make it more powerfull than a m3 and even make it look like one or even handle like one if that is your wish

  16. Lewis72

    I enjoyed your video and therefore, as requested, considered subscribing.

  17. Owen Scotonthropsco

    Has anyone used the carley thing for an E46, if so are there many options for things to change?

  18. Joe Dyson

    Ello mate, +1 on the led angel eyes. Shaves years off the car. Do you have a link for the grilles? Gotta get me some. Thanks a lot

  19. Ioannis Iremidis

    I have F34 BMW and I cannot find leaf grille's for my car, and i manually clean always engines department that not so comfortable 😢. Can you help me please?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  20. James Vincent

    Hi just subscribed, I've got a 2007 335i manual and your videos are really informative will be getting the Carly kit so can code my car up and I also wanted to get the M4 style grilles, just wondering who the seller on eBay was as I would like to get some that fit properly, if you could get back to me that would be great 👍🏻 I've also got some TTE600 turbos being delivered so that should be very fun 😊

  21. M Lee

    If you can remove your frt grille you can also respray with gloss black paint purchased from any diy shop or hobby shop. But strangely ppl like to buy them new

  22. Uzair Mahmud

    I think tinted tail lights would look good 😊 on your m3, I tinted mine on my 330d M and it looks 👌🏼


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